Thankful for 75: Hear From Brent Storms

Thankful for 75: Hear From Brent Storms

So far this week you've heard from some amazing church planters… now here's Orchard Group's president, Brent Storms!


Dear Friends,

I’m writing today to ask for your help. As you may know, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of Orchard Group. We established a goal of raising $750,000 to ensure that our next 25 years will be more fruitful than our first 75 – more new churches, more people reached, more new followers of Jesus. We’ve already passed $600,000 in cash and commitments, and we’d love to have your help in closing the gap and reaching our goal.

This ministry was started by humble men and women with bold vision supported by generous donors. God has been faithfully guiding, protecting, and providing for 75 years. We pray that our leaders will remain humble, our vision will continue to be bold, and that God will faithfully provide through partners like you!

Would you consider making a contribution of $75, $750, or any amount in between?  You can give online here: 


Brent Storms, President & CEO

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Jamie Larson