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From Brent Storms, President and CEO

Over the past year, our staff has focused on defining “wins.”

Some of the wins have to do with measurable signs of success in our mission – seeing people surrender to Christ, raising up leaders, and financial generosity. For instance, when a church has a baptism rate higher than 10% of the average attendance for the year, that’s a win. And it happens a lot!

Several wins have to do with the quality of relationships. Whenever a partner church has a great experience with an Orchard Group church plant and decides to invest in another one, that’s a win. When our new churches send out leaders to start another new church, that’s a win. When our church planters voluntarily and cheerfully help their fellow church planters, that’s a win.

What we are discovering through this process is overwhelmingly positive! Numerical growth is obvious and the quality of relationships is better than ever.  There's a lot going on at Orchard Group. Thank you for your part in making these wins possible.

Brent Storms, President and CEO


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