Christmas in Japan

MSCC Christmas

At 1% of the population, Christians are a minority in Japan. However, many Japanese have been exposed to symbols of Christmas. Those symbols can remain a mystery without Christians to share the meaning behind them.

This month, Mustard Seed Church in Nagoya threw a family Christmas Party. 25% of the people were visiting for the first time.  As the Christmas story was told, a visitor remarked, "I always wondered what that baby had to do with Christmas!"

Stephanie Henke, church leader shares, "It never ceases to amaze me that for many people we meet here we could be the very first Christian they have ever met in their entire life. Be praying for us, our team, and our church for wisdom this Christmas season to boldly be sharing the love of Christ with those we meet."

MSCC Christmas

Christmas Service at MSCC Nagoya

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Jamie Larson