Church Planting Podcast #5: Staffing

Four church planting leaders discuss what they've learned (and mistakes they've made!) when hiring staff.

Podcast highlights include:

2:21 Mike asks, "What did your staff look like at launch?"

11:38 Josh shares his experience of hiring people that didn't work out as staff members, and the value of hiring people from within

21:00 "What qualities do you look for when you hire?" (including Carl's "Car Test" at 24:30)

29:00 Aaron explains how Restore Church uses the Ephesians 4 model of leadership, along with tension that can arise from personality differences

31:45 From the more established churches, "What advice would you give as your staff grows more complex?"

Featured speakers:


Mike Hickerson, lead planter of Mission Church Aaron Thomas, lead planter of Restore Church Josh Burnett, lead planter of Revolution Church Carl Kuhl, lead planter of Mosaic Church.

Resources mentioned in the discussion:

CPAC (Church Planting Assessment Center)

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Jamie Larson