Introducing the Cape Town Project

We met Louis and Yolandi Scheepers (pronounced “Skippers”) in April at a church planting conference in Florida, and we were quickly impressed by their vision and passion for the people of Cape Town, South Africa.

For many in the US, South Africa is primarily known for two things: World Cup Soccer and the former “apartheid” socio-political system. But for Louis and Yolandi, it is much more. Growing up in different regions around the country, they have seen and experienced hardship that many of us have only read about in the news. And in their ministry, they have also seen and experienced the hope and restoration that only comes through the Christian Gospel. Louis says, “I believe God will bring about change in South Africa, and the world, through His church. When He changes people’s hearts, their actions change also.”


Louis' and Yolandi's vision is for a church that will reach people of Cape Town with the story of Christ, and then watch their society be transformed because of new faith in Jesus' costly love for them. Louis continues, “The issues of race, poverty, and violence in South Africa will not be resolved by better government, leaders or policing, but only by a change of heart that comes through faith and rebirth in Jesus Christ!”

Cape Town is exactly the kind of place where new churches are desperately needed.

It’s diverse

Eleven official languages and many different tribes and races are represented in the city’s population. South Africa’s complex history makes Cape Town both a challenging and important place for Christian message to brought to bear.

It’s a center of culture

Fashion, design, finance, government, and education all have important centers in Cape Town.

It’s growing

Since it’s founding in 17th century, there isn't a single decade on record of negative population growth. Presently there are 3.7 million people in the Cape Town metro.

Each one of the millions is known and loved by God. It is Louis’ and Yolandi’s desire that the church be established in Cape Town to bring new life and transformation to an extraordinary city.

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Jamie Larson