Meet Melinda

“My struggles with alcoholism took me to places where I never thought I’d be. Mission stood by me and said, ‘We love you anyway.’”

Meet Melinda from Mission Church.

Melinda came to Mission on Easter Sunday of 2016 when a friend invited her. What she heard changed her life. She felt truly that there was hope for her. Melinda’s life had grown increasingly troubled as her alcoholism grew. “I almost drank myself out of my career,” she described. The sermons at Mission helped set her on a new path - Melinda listened to them over and over again to remind her of God’s presence.

Meanwhile, Mission Church gathered around Melinda to offer practical support through their Give 1 campaign, where members give an extra dollar to their offering to financially help someone in their city. Melinda received financial help and emotional support over the following months. “When Mission partnered with me, it gave me the strength and courage to walk through difficult things and back into a career I thought I had ruined.”

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