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Four Distinctives

For more than 75 years, churches and organizations have trusted Orchard Group to help them start new churches.

Over the decades we've zeroed in on four core areas of practice. While some church planting organizations may share one or two of these characteristics to some degree, we are not aware of any church planting organization that practices all of these values as we do:

Born in the City.

We work to steward our learning and resources in places marked by population density, ethnic diversity, economic disparity, and spiritual difficulty.

Highly Selective.

We only work with church planters who have the character, gifting, training, and experience to start dynamic churches in challenging places.

All In.

We share the fundraising responsibility with the lead planter, actively and assertively helping to gather resources until a new church is fully funded.

For the Long Haul.

We don’t want to merely launch new churches; we want to establish new churches. Our work is not done until the new church is self-supporting, governing, and replicating.

"God is at work through Orchard Group's skill, discernment, and faithfulness to recruit, develop, and resource the best church planters on the planet."

Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church​, Indianapolis

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