No SLO-ing Down

No SLO-ing Down

It's thrilling to see a group of people grow into a movement that will build a new church!

The San Luis Obispo (SLO) Project, led by Brent & Jenna Bramer, is gathering momentum towards a launch in the fall.

Brent shared, "On February 17th we were able to gather together for the very first time as a launch team. We spent time getting to know one another, worshipping together, and discussing the vision and mission of SLO City Church. We want to be a group of people that live the way of Jesus - a church that’s for one another and for everyone."

"During our gathering, we talked through ways we hope to engage our city with the love of Jesus. A total of 40 adults and 25 kids came. We’re stoked to minister to young families, young professionals, singles, and seniors and are excited for what’s ahead!"

More about the San Luis Obispo Project

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Jamie Larson