Orchard Group Podcast: #1 Worship

Orchard Group Podcast: Worship in the New Church

Orchard Group has a long history of planting healthy, vibrant churches.  As interest in church planting grows, we're sharing with new planters what we've learned over the years.

First up: how do you plan services, be sensitive to your community and find what works in a new church?

Today's podcast features:

Ben Grace Forefront

Ben Grace, Forefront Church in Brooklyn, NY

Ben Allston Mosaic

Ben Alston, Mosaic Christian Church in Elkridge, MD

Mike DeSelm Legacy

Mike DeSelm, Legacy Christian Church in Lehigh Valley, PA


5:29 Getting involved at a church plant and recruiting local musicians (including high schoolers from a local rock band)

6:45 Ben Grace asks, "How does your city and your people shape your worship?"

10:27 Choosing a popular song for the wrong reasons (Ben Alston)

13:04  The song that doesn't work for one church might be a perfect for another (Mike DeSelm)

23:00 Ben Grace asks, "What is the ONE thing that is essential to know?"

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Jamie Larson