Orchard Group Podcast: #4 Serving the Community


Whatever you do for the least of these, you also do for me. -Jesus

These words set a high standard for those of us who follow Jesus and work in churches! Today’s discussion will center around how several different churches live out the calling to serve Jesus and be a visible gospel in their communities.

Highlights of the discussion:

7:51 Chris asks, "What is the right kind of posture to have in serving?"

10:00 Brad, "Sometimes we take people's dignity in the way we serve them."

14:13 Jonathan, "If a church isn't serving, then it is not living out the gospel."

14:49 What holds people back from serving?

21:00 Chris riffs on our overcommitted culture, and the importance of seeing service as a lifestyle, not a project.

22:40 Jeremy wonders: How do you balance the interruptions of serving others with the unending 'to do' list?

You will hear from:

Jonathan Williams, lead pastor of Forefront Church in NYC

Brad Canning, lead pastor of Church of Park Slope in Brooklyn NY

Jeremy Hazelton, lead pastor of Village Church in Buffalo, NY

Chris Travis of Everyday Church in New York City.

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Jamie Larson