Sunday at Miami Church

Sunday at Miami Church

On any given Sunday at Miami Church, 15 different countries will be represented by the people who attend. Miami as a city is known for its multicultural flair, flashy style, warm weather, and increasingly, for people who say they feel isolated. Miami Church is a gathering place where many find community.

Launched in the fall of 2015, Miami Church has the opportunity to sign a lease on new space that will improve visibility. Over 100,000 cars daily pass the intersection where they will meet! Miami Church's mission from the beginning has been to "help people find and follow Jesus." This space will make that possible for more people. Increased room for children (and parking, always a challenge in center city locations) will make it appealing to families. They hope to move into the building in the fall.

When Hurricane Irma whipped through Miami in 2017, the Sunday meeting place for Miami Church was badly damaged and needed to be vacated. Finding a worship space has been a challenge. Since the hurricane, the church has met in five different meeting places. The people of the church have faced the challenge of finding a space to meet with determination and hope. The One who controls the future also controls the outcome of our struggles. This new building on Highway 1 will be an exciting opportunity to place the Miami Church in an area where they can minister in this city for years to come!

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Jamie Larson