The Latest: More New Churches!

The Latest: More New Churches!

As we shared in the last update, this Fall is a season for many churches to begin regular Sunday services. Over the past few weeks, Accelerate Church (Camden), Beacon Church (New Hampshire), Hope Church (Baltimore), and Reunion Church (NYC) have all celebrated "Launch Sundays." (Pro tip: click/tap a church name to see launch service photos)

Clockwise from top left: Launch services in Baltimore, Manhattan, New Hampshire, and Camden

Planter spotlight: Charlie and Leslie Welke  

The Welkes are preparing to establish a brand new church in Fairfield County, CT. Part of the greater NYC area, Fairfield County is home to more than a million residents. More in the video:


Please be praying for the leaders in these new and upcoming churches. Share this update with others so that even more people join us in prayer!

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Jamie Larson