Welcoming the Visitor

Mission Church is making a difference in lives in California! Below is excerpt of an email they received from a first time visitor:

"I just wanted to say thank you. Today was my first day at Mission Church. Before I even got in the doors, I was welcomed warmly with smiles. The welcome team certainly earns their title, because I thought to myself, "These are some of the nicest people ever!" Worship and service was wonderful, and the brief time my daughter spent in the nursery was wonderful. I have never left her in a daycare but I had zero anxiety about her care at Mission Church.
"I attended the new member lunch, and was overwhelmed at the passion and love shown by the staff and members. The compassion for the underserved, the desire to do good. Amazing.
"I come to your church at a time of heartbreak, confusion, anger. About a month and a half ago, my husband left us. I find myself so lost and confused about where my life goes from here. Today, I walked into a place that made me feel like it was ok to be broken. That there was hope. That maybe I can find a greater purpose."

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Jamie Larson