City Church Launch!

Lagos, Nigeria is a city unique in the world for its explosive growth. Studies show that it grows by 85 people per hour, faster than London and New York City combined. Not only is Lagos growing rapidly, it is a religiously binary city; the Muslim and Christian population are split nearly equally. Femi Osunnuyi, lead planter of City Church, shares that much of the Nigerian Christian population is marked by enthusiasm, but lacks a solid biblical grounding. The prosperity gospel is the only Christianity many people know.

Femi shares, "This environment has created a generation of disillusioned Christians, believers who turn away from faith, and made skeptics of Christianity more bold." One of the missions of City Church is to raise up leaders, training them in zeal and knowledge (Rom 10:2). Femi's vision is long-term. He knows that leading this Gospel movement to renew Lagos may take decades. Yet the Kingdom impact of a gospel-focused church in a rapidly growing city like Lagos may be immeasurable.

City Church launched in January with a good start! Already lives are changing as people receive God's forgiveness and extend forgiveness to others. Even those with modest incomes are practicing generosity and discovering the joy that comes with giving. Community is being built to support, equip, and encourage each other in the faith.

Continue to pray for City Church!

Specifically, you can pray:

  • For the leaders to be strengthened when they face challenges and to be encouraged through fellowship with each other
  • For the growth of new believers
  • For the hearts of those who have not yet come to City Church, that they will take a step closer to God
  • For the city and people of Lagos

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Jamie Larson