Elevate Church's Groups

Elevate Christian Church celebrated their 1st birthday in January, and they are seeing great growth in their groups!  Elevate started with weekly Sunday services and two groups per week.  Those two groups have flourished and have multiplied into five mid-week groups.

ECC Xmas-1

Lead planter Dermot O’Mahony has noted, “Irish people prefer to invite friends to a smaller group environment first.  These groups are the open door to our Sunday services.  We may be unusual in that the Sunday morning services aren’t the engine of the church.”

Along with numeric growth, Elevate is also excited at the spiritual growth they are seeing.  People from the congregation now lead all mid-week groups.  They are learning to engage with scripture and discuss Biblical principles with each other, challenging and encouraging each other in their faith.  People who have never prayed before are now praying out loud for each other.

ECC baptism-1

The leadership of Elevate has set a God- sized goal for 2014:  12 to 15 groups by the end of the year!

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Jamie Larson