Third Thursday: Meet Landon & Brooke of the Boise Project!

Third Thursday: Meet Landon & Brooke of the Boise Project!

We are excited to share the Boise Project with you!

The Hairgroves in Boise, Idaho

Landon & Brooke Hairgrove desire to plant a church community where people can find purpose, passion, identity, and direction for the God-given gifts on their life. They are excited to carry out this mission on the beautiful city of Boise, and to work to see the city truly reflect the kingdom of God.

Landon shares, “Our hope is that people who have been trying to find their own way will come to know that Jesus is The Way as they encounter God in our weekend services, find authentic community in life groups, and start to discover God's purpose for their life. We’re dreaming God-sized dreams out here and we believe that with God’s hand on this project!”  

The Hairgroves are planting a new church in Boise in Spring 2023!

Video: The Portland Project

In our previous newsletter, you learned about the Portland Project.  Watch our latest video!


Thank you for your partnership! Here are some ways you can partner in ministry this month:

  • Take a minute to pray for these two brand new upcoming churches – one Portland and one for Boise.
  • Forward this email to a friend! We always want the number of prayer partners to be growing for these new churches and their communities.

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