Meet Olga

"I was having a difficult time last summer. One morning, I woke up and told myself I could not do this alone anymore."

Meet Olga from Miami Church.

Olga moved to Miami for work and school. While she had attended church as a child, she said, “I just never felt connected to a group of people who I can learn about Jesus with.” Changes that she could not control made her reevaluate her life. She could no longer hide her stress and anxiety and wanted to find a church for support. She and her husband found Miami Church via a web search. While it was Miami Church’s well-designed and attractive website that first intrigued Olga, she and her husband stayed because of the people.

“No matter where you come from, what you wear, what you do, or even what you believe in, everyone is welcomed at Miami Church.” Olga’s experience in the past had been that church was a place where you needed to dress up but nobody talked to each other. It was easy to feel like an outsider. Furthermore, she couldn't be honest about her struggles. When someone at Miami Church asked her how she was doing, Olga knew she could answer honestly.

Over the last several months, Olga’s life has changed. “The anger and fear have been disappearing by learning about Jesus. His teachings make me realize that we are all imperfect. But God loves us with our imperfections and has set a path for us!”

People in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Cape Town, and Osaka are finding and growing closer to God through churches started by Orchard Group. As city populations surge, let’s make sure that churches are growing where people are going! #PeopleMatterToGod

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