New Space for Mustard Seed Osaka!

Mustard Seed Christian Church met for the last two years in the YMCA in Osaka, Japan. The YMCA facilitated the church's growth to this point, but now a new facility has been found that will allow the church to grow even further! According to lead pastor Jay Greer, the new space is:

  • BIG. There will be enough space to hold 200 people per service.
  • CONVENIENT. The new space will be within walking distance of the 4th busiest station in the world.
  • VISIBLE. Leasing the space comes with a large billboard that faces the road and train lines.
  • AFFORDABLE. While the monthly rental costs will slightly increase, the space will be available all week, not just on Sundays.

How can you help? MSCC needs to raise $87,000 for the rental space in the Nakatsu building. Please donate to their work on this page. If you are unable to donate at this time, pray for MSCC! The new worship space will give them improved visibility within the city. Pray for the people who will come as a result!

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Jamie Larson