Meet Will

Will was connected to Renewal Church before it even started. He had played football in college with Derrick Puckett, the lead planter. Will and his wife had been looking for a place for their family to attend. When Derrick articulated his vision for Renewal, Will wanted to get involved.

It was the communal aspect that appealed to Will and his family. “The cool thing about Renewal is it is a gospel-centered church in the midst of all this,” Will says while gesturing around at the Chicago skyline behind him. “There’s a community even the midst of the city. I walked here. Last week we had 50 kids running around.”

Because Will doesn’t have extended family nearby, the relationships they have made at Renewal have become their family. “Renewal gave us the opportunity to become an extended family and have our own family centered on Jesus.”

People in cities like Chicago, Cape Town, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Lagos are finding and growing closer to God through churches started through Orchard Group. As city populations surge, let’s make sure that churches are growing where people are going!

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Jamie Larson