Orchard Group Podcast: #2 Worship

Listen here: https://overcast.fm/+CE6NrNpWY

Orchard Group has a long history of planting healthy, vibrant churches.  As interest in church planting grows, we're sharing with new planters what we've learned over the years.

Our second podcast continues the conversation regarding worship: How do you plan services, be sensitive to your community and find what works in new churches?

Today's podcast features:

Forefront Church Brooklyn

Ben Grace, Worship and Arts Pastor.
Forefront Church, Brooklyn NY


Matt Murphy, Associate Pastor
Revolution Church, Annapolis, MD


Nathan Winstead, Worship Pastor
Everyday Christian Church, New York, NY


6:51 Leading from behind the scenes, and training and equipping your volunteers to lead up front (Matt Murphy)

10:40 Being sensitive to local culture, allowing the culture to influence style and content, and being a mediator in an area with racial tension (Nathan Winstead)

15:00 Ben Grace asks, "Can you tell us about the challenge of building a musical repertoire for a new community, including mistakes made along the way?"

The first podcast in this series, Worship in the New Church can be found here and through iTunes.

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Jamie Larson