Announcing a New Partnership for New England

Announcing a New Partnership for New England

Dear partners in ministry,

I am excited to announce a new partnership that I believe will strengthen and accelerate the church planting efforts in New England for many years to come. Orchard Group will be contributing our leadership, staff, and expertise to Restoration House Ministries, a New England church planting organization.

Restoration House Ministries began in 1996 with a clear mission: Transform the spiritual landscape of New England. Now, 25 years later, there are 20 new churches that have been planted through the ministry of RHM. With nearly 15 million people and far too few gospel-centered churches, there remains much need and opportunity for new churches in the region. Our team is excited to meet this great need by helping to plant more new, healthy, vibrant churches.

My wife, Rhesa, and I moved to Massachusetts in 1996 as a newly married couple. After seminary I planted a church in greater Boston. Our kids were born there. All of these experiences shaped us and have given us a love for New England. I’m thrilled that Orchard Group gets to serve in an even more significant way in New England by contributing to RHM our leadership, our long history in the Northeast, and our staff’s decades of church planting experience.

We're already underway in the region, with church planting leaders laying the groundwork for a new church in Fairfield County, Connecticut. And this is only the beginning — we’re excited about many more church planting opportunities ahead!

Brent Storms

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Jamie Larson