The Cincinnati Project

The Cincinnati Project

"Family is a word central to everything our church hopes to accomplish," say church planters Chris Marlin and Tyler Chernesky. "Almost all of our methods will be built around the fact that God invites Christians into His family and sets them on mission together."

Tyler and Chris are preparing to start a new church in the historic Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, where a remarkable transformation is taking place. Once one of America's most-densely populated urban areas, Over-the-Rhine's population decreased dramatically throughout the 20th century. In recent years, however, massive reinvestment from the city of Cincinnati and local business stakeholders has led to the rapid redevelopment of the area. Tyler and Chris believe that a local church can play a critical role in this revitalization.

In 2015, Chris felt like the Lord spoke his calling over him to “be a father to a family on mission." This call was to live – and train others to live – missionally in the context of family. The call to church plant has come from that call to live out mission as family. Tyler has known the call to “family” a bit differently. As a same-sex-attracted man who has chosen to live out singleness and celibacy, he knew that choice would cost him many things. But he also knew it didn’t have to cost him “family.”

Chris Marlin, Katherine Marlin, and Tyler Chernesky

Tyler and Chris believe a church anchored in the Word, empowered by the Spirit, centered on Jesus, and seeking the good of the city will change Over-The-Rhine and the people who live there.

Chris and Tyler long to establish a church characterized by hospitality and friendship, a place where people are invited to encounter Jesus not only at a Sunday morning gathering but also around the dinner table on a weekday night.

You can help start this new church!

We invite you to be praying for Chris, Tyler, and their team as they plan for the launch of this church in Fall 2020.

Learn more about the Over-The-Rhine project.

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