Launch Month for Icon Church in Seattle

Launch Month for Icon Church in Seattle

Justin and Emilie Anderson are starting a new church in Seattle. In their own words:

Icon Church exists because God loves Seattle and called a small group of Christians to do the same. Beginning in the summer of 2018, we began to dream and pray about starting a church in the middle of the city that would bear witness to the love of God and invite people to become who God made them to be.

This month marks the culmination of those prayers and dreams as Icon Church celebrates "Launch Month" and reaches out into the Seattle community.

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With that come incredible assets, including a growing economy, and an increasing global reach. At the same time, Seattle faces the same significant challenges that many growing cities face, including homelessness, gentrification, racial disunity, and economic disparity.

Icon Church draws its name from the Bible's teaching that each person is made in the image ("icon") of God. The image of God directly relates to urban challenges like those that Seattle is facing. The concept that all people are created in the image of God helps us see "the other" as those who possess intrinsic value and worth, thus deserving our love and respect. In this context, Icon Church longs for people to know God's love and grace through Christ, the One who images God perfectly.

Icon is currently in the middle of Launch Month. Two weeks prior to launch, a 24/7 prayer initiative began, with people praying around the clock for God to move powerfully through Icon. The week before Launch Sunday, Icon hosted a Labor Day Party with a food truck and family activities. It was a great community event, and 150 people came out for it! As part of Launch Month, Icon also hosted Rebecca McLaughlin, author of Confronting Christianity, for a lecture and Q&A event. Launch Sunday itself happened Sunday, September 8, with a great turnout.

Would you join us in praying for Icon Church this month as they are launching?

  • Pray that the Lord would help lead pastor Justin Anderson and the Icon team to focus on what matters most amid the many details surrounding the launch.
  • Pray for protection from spiritual attack, discouragement, and distraction.
  • Pray for God to move powerfully through this church!

Learn more about Icon Church and help this church get started.

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Jamie Larson