The Latest - New Life, New Churches, New Prayers

The Latest - New Life, New Churches, New Prayers

New Life

As churches shifted to online last year, our team wondered if there would be a burst of new baptisms as physical gatherings relaunched. Now, as churches across the country and world are regathering, it sure looks to be the case. In Chicago, Miami, New York, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Istanbul (an incomplete list, to be sure!) there have been new people coming to new faith in Jesus. And for the first time in a long time, especially in places that have had the tightest restrictions, people are proclaiming their new faith through baptism.

  • Please be praying for these new believers: that their burgeoning faith would take root, grow, and bear fruit.

New Churches

This is shaping up to be a significant season for church planting. Right now, church planters in Camden, Baltimore, Manhattan, Fairfield County, and Oakland are working in their communities and building up teams that will form their cores for public launches later this year.

  • Please pray for these leaders and for their cities. Pray for a fruitful summer of making connections and inroads in their communities.

New Prayers

Did you know that there are nearly 4,000 people who receive these updates in their inbox? And there are thousands more who read them on the website. We don't take it for granted! We know that "it is God who makes things grow," and His answers to your prayers for new churches is one of His ways of doing so. Would you share this post with someone else? You can help us recruit even more prayer partners!

If you need a place to get started, here is a great resource for praying for church planters:

Into the Fray: Praying for Planters
Then Jesus told his disciples...that they should always pray and not give up. (Luke 18:1)While thoughtful plans and strategies are necessary, if God is not ultimately at work through them, they will produce little lasting fruit. This is why we are thankful for the thousands who pray

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