Third Thursday: Meet Emmanuel & Marlene Dominguez of the Washington Heights Project!

Third Thursday: Meet Emmanuel & Marlene Dominguez of the Washington Heights Project!

We are excited to share the Washington Heights Project with you!

Dominguez Family | Washington Heights, NYC

Emmanuel and Marlene Dominguez grew up just 10 blocks away from each other in Washington Heights, NYC. They met at a dance school and became friends, sharing a love for Jesus, culture, dance, NYC, and people—which made them a dynamic duo for sharing the gospel in fun and creative ways. Their missional friendship developed into a missional marriage, and now, with two sons, they do their best to steward a missional family.

Emmanuel and Marlene look to start a church in the northernmost point of Manhattan that will be a house of prayer and blessing and a safe place to enter God’s Kingdom story. They envision a church that both neighborhood “abuelas” and the neighborhood young guns can call home. This church will encourage people with an orphan spirit to take their rightful place as sons and daughters of the living God, no matter their age or circumstance. This church will have an English expression and a Spanish expression to reach more people where they are. God is writing a beautiful story in this new church in Washington Heights!

Video: The Bucharest Project

In our previous newsletter, you learned about a new church for the city of Bucharest, Romania. Daniel & Alina Bocancea in the latest video!


Thank you for your partnership! Here are some ways you can partner in ministry this month:

  • We need your help. If you are interested in partnering financially for either of these churches, follow the links throughout this email to give! 
  • If your church wants to explore a partnership to help plant these churches, reach out to Luke Greer and he can tell you more. 
  • Take a moment to pray for the Dominguez family and this new church in Washington Heights!
  • Forward this email to a friend! We always want the number of prayer partners to be growing for these new churches and their communities.

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