Third Thursday: Meet Isaac & Vanessa of the Tampa Project!

Click on the link below to watch the video!

We are excited share the Tampa Project with you!

Isaac and Vanessa Petit Frére are passionate about places where people are skeptical or even hostile toward Jesus and his church. Their enthusiasm is infectious: “If only we could show them something they haven't seen before, something different. If only we could go to a city that is beautifully broken and fill it with the love, beauty, and justice of Jesus. If only we could rally those awakened in Christ to bring faith, hope, and love where they work, live, and play!”

Now the Petit Fréres are preparing to start a new church in one of the fastest growing cities in America: Tampa, Florida. Watch the video to hear from Isaac and to discover the need and opportunity in Tampa.

Thank you for praying

Thank you for praying for the church in Istanbul since our last newsletter. God is already answering your prayers for this young church by providing a larger space for them to gather in each week! Please continue to pray for the residency visa for one of their team members.

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Jamie Larson