"Who Are Adam and Eve?"

Matt & Kala Mueller find the nations of the world in their NYC youth group

"Who are Adam and Eve?"

A young man at Everyday Christian Church in New York City asked this question to Matt and Kala Mueller, leaders of the youth group. Many kids attending Everyday have never heard stories from the Bible. “They don’t know who Peter is. They don’t know the story of David and Goliath,” Matt explained. They are hungry to hear more!

Valentin is a 14 year old who attends the Everyday youth group regularly. With no parental support or involvement, he walks a mile every week to the Mueller’s apartment for study. Matt shares, “They LOVE Paul! So many of them resonate with his story and find hope that your past does not have to define your future. “

Everyday Church Matt Soccer

Matt initially met Valentin through an afterschool soccer program. For several years, Matt volunteered to coach youth soccer teams. He immediately recognized the opportunity to be a light in a neighborhood where children are struggling to find role models. Many come from broken homes. Fathers don’t stick around. Parents are often immigrants and speak little to no English.

Matt’s volunteer work led to a position coaching a 7th grade competitive soccer team. Within this one team, children come from Egypt, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nigeria, and Senegal. Through sports, Matt gets to teach commitment, discipline, controlling your anger, and working as a team. Matt also has the challenge of bringing peace between people of different backgrounds and nationalities.

Matt and Kala first learned of Orchard Group through church planting classes offered by The Orchard Institute and Ozark Christian College. Matt fell in love with New York City immediately. Kala was initially hesitant, but now laughs that her plans in college were to go into overseas missions. Instead, God revealed how her desire to minister to Hispanic people could be accomplished without leaving the country.

Everyday Christian Church Inwood NYC New York

Orchard Group is excited to see what the coming years hold for Matt and Kala Mueller and the Everyday youth!

You can partner with us by:

  • Praying for Matt and Kala as they pour into the lives of children who lack resources
  • Praying for Everyday Christian Church as they desire to be peacemakers and leaders in reconciling different people groups to each other through Jesus
  • Praying for the team leaders at Everyday Christian Church who are learning Spanish so that they can communicate more effectively with the parents and people in their neighborhood.
  • Continue to give financially to Orchard Group so that we can start churches like Everyday Christian Church

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