Celebrating in Nagoya

Baptism in Nagoya, Japan

Praise God, who is building His church in Japan! Did you know that fewer than 1% of the people in Japan identify themselves as Christians? Mustard Seed Christian Church is sharing the gospel, week by week, and seeing lives change as a result.

Kiyoe first attended MSCC on Easter Sunday.  For the last few weeks, she attended small group studies, where she heard the gospel from fellow Japanese women who are Christians.  From those conversations, Kiyoe decided that she too, wanted to confess Jesus as her Savior and be baptized!

Please take a moment to pray for Andy & Jenny Rodriguez, who lead the church, as well as the new Christians who are now becoming leaders at MSCC.  Please also pray for all the new believers, including Kiyoe, that their new faith would be strengthened!

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Jamie Larson