Celebrating 75 Years of New Churches

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From Brent Storms • President, Orchard Group

You’re invited to celebrate with us! This year marks the 75th anniversary of Orchard Group’s church planting ministry. The history linked below will walk you through many highlights of what God has accomplished over the past 75 years, and point you to what he's yet to accomplish in 2023 and beyond. We invite you to identify the period when you joined us on the journey and celebrate with us all that God has done!

We can think of no better way to celebrate than to double down on the mission: We want the next 25 years to be even more fruitful than the first 75 years: more churches planted, more people reached, and more new believers baptized. Toward that end, we’ve set a goal of raising $750,000 over and above regular giving.

Would you consider making a special contribution? We’re asking individuals and churches to give $75, $750, $7,500, or even $75,000 toward this initiative.

Also, throughout this year we’ll be collecting stories from people whose lives have been impacted by Orchard Group or through a church we’ve helped to start. We’d like to hear from donors, partners, planters, pastors, and volunteers. Would you be willing to go to orchard.group/75 and share your story?

Thank you so much for your part in the story God has been authoring. You are making it possible for thousands of people in cities around the globe to encounter Jesus through new churches!

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Jamie Larson